Bellmer Brasil – Pirituba, São Paulo

To serve our Brazil customers the best way possible, we decided to expand our worldwide radius. Therefore, in 2019 Bellmer established a new branch: Bellmer Brasil. Our specialist for Paper Technology is located in Sao Paulo.
Alexandre D’Angelo, an expert with many years of experience in the paper industry, is your Sales Manager on site. He is our front of Bellmer Ibérica in Brazil. The key components are manufactured in Germany or Finland.

Let’s get to know each other and visit me:

Address: Bellmer Ibérica S.L.
Rua William Furneau N° 296 Pirituba, CEP 05154020, BR-Sao Paulo SP Brasil
Phone: +55 112 366 46 01 & +55 1199 6622 700

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