The TurboScreen convinces in its relief of the pre-clarification.

The Höhbeck water board processes wastewater from both the municipality of Gartow and Lüchow (Wendland). The water board‘s sewage treatment plant not only treats the residential wastewater, but also the seasonal wastewater from a fruit juice company.

The seasonal fruit juice operation increases the volume of wastewater and the pollution load, which brings the sewage treatment plan to the limits of its capacity. Mr Schulz, the responsible wastewater manager, had been looking for a technology that would relieve the pre-clarification such that the facility could handle the seasonal peak load.

The Turboscreen, with its special screen for filtration and high separation efficiency, is the ideal solution for such an application. Mr. Schulz used the opportunity to test the Turboscreen during the season with the mobile unit from Bellmer and to convince himself of its performance. The Turboscreen impressed as a relief for the pre-clarification in normal operation and also during the peak seasonal loads. The Höhbeck water board therefore took over the Turboscreen immediately after the tests and the Turboscreen has now been in operation for almost a year. „I was able to convince myself of the Turboscreen during the tests and in further operation. The performance was conclusive and it was the right solution for us,“ says Mr Schulz.


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