Green bedding was the task for Bellmer Kufferath in cooperation with local agricultural machinery dealer D&D Equipment in Wisconsin.
The project started 2 years ago with a long-term trial using AKUPRESS AL 315 type screw presses in manure dewatering. The objective was to obtain a high TS content in the pressed material while maintaining a low TS content in the liquid phase. An additional issue to consider was the service life of the individual wear parts including screen baskets and the screw shaft. After undergoing several optimisation measures, the results were excellent.
The TS content in the pressed material improved signifi cantly. The operating times of the screw shafts and the screen baskets increased as well.For about one and a half years, a growing number of orders for our AKUPRESS AL 315 have been coming from the USA.

They take the dewatered manure back to the cowshed for bedding purposes and keep the press water in lagoons. From there, it is spread on the fi elds and grasslands several times a year for use as fertiliser. For the time being, the most recent order covering a total of 16 units is being manufactured by Bellmer Kufferath in Düren.
They are scheduled for delivery at the end of June. That is when a 40‘ container packed with equipment for farms will leave the country for the USA. The machines will then be distributed to the individual farms of D&D. In states such as Wyoming, Wisconsin, Texas and Colorado, you will fi nd the AKUPRESS AL 315 already in use.
Each of these farms has between 1000 and 10000 dairy cows. Based on the know-how of Bellmer Kufferath, incorporating a unique two-part screen basket system, more and more dairy farms want to focus on using our AKUPRESS for manure dewatering.
Further orders can be expected before the end of the year.

Bellmer Separation Technology Screw Press Akkupress BX LL

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