More calender flexibility for Kingdecor AG of Germany and Zhejiang Xianhe Special Paper Co.

Ltd of China founded Kingdecor (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. as a joint venture in Quzhou on 13th September 2004. It has become a worldwide player in the decorative and specialty paper industry recognized for its quality products.
Since its foundation, the company has grown at a steady 50% annually and now has a production capacity of more than 180,000 tpy.
The latest equipment added to Kingdecor’s PM 1 is a Bellmer TURBOCal with TURBORoll EC technology, which is essential for large paper width variations, high line loads and high heated roll surface temperatures as used for the high-quality paper produced by Kingdecor.
This single Nip calender supplements the existing calenders and was required by changing market demands in the decorative and specialty paper market for quality and product portfolio.
The calender is designed for line loads of up to 380 N/mm and temperatures of 200° C, while the design and control system meets the highest requirements in the market, with the ability to handle paper width variations of more than 50% from minimum to maximum. Bellmer earned the trust of the customer by listening and supporting its requirements throughout the project.

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