Energy for people and environment! That is the motto of the Donau-Stadtwerke Dillingen-Lauingen (DSDL). The Lauingen sewage treatment plant has been modernised with a new  TurboDrain.

DSDL’s disposal area has two sewage treatment plants in Dillingen and Lauingen. Both plants serve a population of over 45,000. In order to thicken the excess sludge produced by the Lauingen wastewater treatment plant more effectively, the municipality installed a TurboDrain. Kiffer GmbH was commissioned as a reliable partner for the plant engineering.

Effective and energy efficient - it couldn´t be better!

The TurboDrain thickens approx. 30 — 60 m³ sludge/h to a final dry solids content of 6 — 7%. The environmentally friendly operation of the TurboDrain satisfied the customer as well. During the thickening process the TurboDrain requires less water, energy and polymers:

  • 10 % less energy due to an energy-saving motor with premium IE 3 energy efficiency class and a smaller energy spray water pump.
  • 20 % less polymer thanks to the innovative nanotech screen and the flow-optimised inlet.
  • 30 % less water due to special spray tube and reduction of the spray water pressure.

Important criteria for the team of the sewage treatment plant Lauingen are still the reliable operation and the user-friendly cleaning of the system.


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