Taishan Gypsum Co, Ltd. is the largest manufacturer of gypsum board in China. The company is located in the city of Tai’an in the Shandong province of China. The first plasterboard line, with an annual capacity of 80,000 tons, was installed in 2006 and the second line, with an annual capacity of 200,000 tons, was commissioned in 2011.

Recently, the leading domestic manufacturer of gypsum boards, Taishan Gypsum Co, Ltd., officially put its new line PM3, with an annual capacity of 300,000 tonnes, into operation. This press section consists of a Bellmer-supplied Tandem Shoe Press Turbo- Press.
Furthermore, the machine has a maximum working speed of 850 m/min producing a paper width of 5.200 mm with a basis weight range from 120 — 220 g/m². In addition to that, the maximum linear load of the TurboPress is 1.300 KN/m.
Moreover, the latest generation TurboPress represents the future shoe press technology of the paper industry.

A special shoe design guarantees the desired load characteristics and an even CD moisture profile extending the sleeve life-time in the machine to the maximum. The counter roller TurboRoll SZ works with hydrostatic load technology. It runs smoothly and needs low maintenance with the added benefit of independently adjusting the nip edge pressure.
The Taishan PM3 Tandem Shoe Press has been running smoothly since start-up. The paper dryness after the press section is beyond the customer’s expectation. This results in a steam consumption that is 10-20% lower compared with traditional jumbo roll press.

Bellmer TurboPress Shoe Press

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