Sappi Ngodwana is an integrated Paper Mill producing Kraft Pulp and Kraft Liner Board. It is located in Mpumalanga province, approx. 300 km east of Johannesburg.
The KLB 1 produces 240.000 t/y of Kraft Liner Board in Basis weights between 140 — 400 g/m². The main scope of the investment is the KLB quality improvement and enabling of efficient production of lower basis weights. The production will be increased from today´s 240.000 t/y net at reel into 250.000 t/y in the 1st step. The further rebuild steps allow the production of 325.000 t/y up to 377.000 t/y.

The Bellmer’s scope of supply includes 3 new TurboJetter headboxes for all layers. The middle layer headbox will be provided with a dilution system to assure the best BW profiles. All layers will be upgraded with additional dewatering elements and vacuum control to increase the dewatering capacity and to improve the formation. This will be further enhanced by 2 new TurboShakers installed on the bottom and top layers along with new carbon fiber breast rolls. The press section will be upgraded with a new TurboPress XXL shoe press to assure the best dry content. The whole press section will be redesigned to allow the closed draws up to the 2nd dryer group and thus assuring the best operational efficiency. The 1st dryer group will be provided with a modern sheet stabilization system for best operational efficiency when producing lower basis weights at higher speeds. A new pulper will be installed after the press section.

Naresh Naidoo, general manager of Sappi Ngodwana: „Sappi appreciated the professional services rendered by Bellmer on this project, thereby contributing to the operational efficiency of this plant.“ The equipment delivery is planned for the end of 2021 with the commission and start-up scheduled during the second quarter of 2022.

Bellmer headbox TubroJetter

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