Bellmer Kufferath Machinery provides screw presses for a wide range of applications, from the paper industry to the food sector to waste treatment technology. Along with new equipment manufacture, the repair and refurbishing of screw shafts is becoming an equally important area of activity for Bellmer Kufferath as part of its after-sales service business.

However, the existing grinding lathes started to create bottleneck problems.
To ensure they can continue offering their customers short processing times for shaft repairs and quick response to incoming orders, an additional grinding lathe was ordered at the beginning of 2021, which was fi rst integrated into the production process in September 2021. The retrofi t involves a used, intact machine bed that was assembled with new parts and components in accordance with state-of-the-art design standards and completed with the latest CNC control and automation technology. The new grinding lathe allows for semi-automatic grinding of small to medium-sized screw shafts with a diameter of up to 750 mm and a length of 4 m.

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