Aryan Packaging Industries was founded in Mumbai in 1947 and is a major player in the Indian paper and packaging industry, specialized in manufacturing of Kraft Paper since 1990.Sustainability plays a major role in the entire production process. As early as 2006, considering environmental factors, the Group took a pioneering step and installed an integrated electrostatic precipitator to ensure full compliance with environmental standards.

To make the paper production process even more effective and flexible, Aryan opted for a TurboPress with a line load of up to 1,500 kN/m.
The shoe press ensures better dryness after the press.
Volume can be maintained and the quality of the liner and ripple grades is improved. 100% recycled liner and fluting in the basis weight range of 80-300 g/m² will be produced.

Equipment delivery and installation are scheduled for summer 2023.

Bellmer TurboPress Shoepress TurboRoll

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