An essential part of our project handling is the factory pre-assembly of our machines. In both our Separation and Paper Technology divisions, the equipment to be delivered is assembled and tested before delivery. This saves time on site during final assembly and at the same time reduces the potential for errors.
The improvement in assembly quality leads to efficient personnel & order planning. Order processing is optimized. If final assembly can be carried out on schedule, smoothly and quickly, this naturally also benefits you as our customer.

Especially for TurboLine plant components, such as the TurboReeler and/or TurboTransporter, functional tests of the control system / automation are particularly important.
All motion sequences and the control system of the TurboReeler are tested in automatic and manual mode, right through to automatic reel spool change and reel spool transfer on the TurboTransporter.
In our expanded Plant 3, even the largest machines have sufficient space for factory assembly.

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