Breast roll shaking with the High-Speed TurboShaker

The TurboShaker enables the sheet formation and other paper properties to be influenced permanently and positively. With precise adjustment options, the operator can easily set the shaking stroke and frequency for the production of high-quality paper and board. With its unique drive concept, the TurboShaker requires only a small footprint, making it an ideal unit for upgrading existing wire sections.
Due to its design, the TurboShaker eliminates disturbing mechanical forces on the plant. The principle is simple and ingenious: Paired flywheel masses balance each other out. This results in new dimensions that can be realized in terms of shake stroke and frequency.

  • Improvement of formation
  • Improvement of cross dimension
  • High shaking frequency and low energy consumption
  • Tailor-made drive characteristics
  • Low space requirement — installation possible everywhere

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