Our long-term partner company Angren Pack, is one of the biggest paper mills in central Asia. Their PM is 4.250 mm width and max. speed is 400 mpm. Currently the product portfolio is Testliner, Fluting 80-360 gsm.
In 2021 BCZ started SPL line for wastepaper. The project also included reconstruction of new Approach Flow. This investment was the first step for future cardboard production. The line was scaled 220 TPD. This year we continue with our long-term cooperation second step which is the installation of new white top line. The capacity is 120 TPD a together with first step it has maximum capacity 320 TPD.

Pulping consists of LCV-30-R with screen that has holes Ø12mm and the Turbo Cleaner SVS-50-A, followed by coarse and fine screening. The installation and commissioning of the equipment were also successfully completed.

Bellmer Массоподготовка

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Bellmer Короткая циркуляция

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