SCHOELLERSHAMMER has opted for Bellmer for dewatering

Schoellershammer GmbH & Co KG is an independent manufacturer of corrugated base paper and corrugated board and very successfully positioned in the international markets

The specialist for packaging papers from Düren knows the demands of its customers. The topic of resource conservation is also a high priority in production. Only waste paper is used as the raw material for the production of the approx. 500,000 tons of corrugated base paper per year, of which approx. 250,000 tons are sourced from the region. SCHOELLERSHAMMER thus makes an important contribution to the circular-flow economy. Nature is close to SCHOELLERSHAMMER’s heart. With its specific water consumption, the company located in Düren is well below the industry average. The biogas produced in the modern wastewater treatment plant is used to generate steam and regenerative electricity.

Schoellershammer has opted for Bellmer for biosludge dewatering. After the positive results of the on-site trials with the mobile Bellmer test train, the activated sludge will in future be dewatered with a new WinklePress WPI 1 and then disposed of. In addition to encapsulation for noise and odour insulation, the WinkelPress will have the Bellmer System Control BSC-S system for automation. The controlled operation of the WinkelPress with fluctuating solids and throughput rates leads to reliable continuous operation with optimum results.

The positive dewatering results with the mobile pilot plant also spoke in favour of the WinkelPress.

Bellmer bandpresse winkelpresse

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