Bellmer strengthens its service partnership with CR&R environmental

CR&R Environmental provides solid waste management services to over 52 municipalities throughout Southern California. In Perris, CA, CR&R operates the largest anaerobic digestion (AD) facility in North America which treats green waste from 19 municipalities from 4 counties (Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino) with some 20 million people.
This facility uses the Eisenmann high solids plug flow digestion process in order to convert the carbon content of the waste into biogas biologically. The biogas is then upgraded in order to inject it into the natural gas grid to operate CR&R’s 400 natural gas trucks. This treatment currently diverts in excess of 100,000 tons per year from the landfill where it would degrade into methane in an uncontrolled manner. The digester output is dewatered by five BK AKUPRESS AMX 625 screw presses, which were chosen because of their worldwide track record in dry digestion facilities.

Continuous operation of the screw presses since beginning of 2018 required a longer-term after sales service partnership between BK and CR&R.
A multi-year service agreement defines that BK provides wear and spare parts, repairs screw shafts and makes on-site inspections regularly.

This is supported by the staff of Bellmer USA Corp., established in Atlanta in 2019 and the BK service team. Service containers commuting between BK in Germany and CR&R in California are the visible sign of this cooperation.

Bellmer Akupress Screwpress AL

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