AKUPRESS AM/AMX is offered for the dewatering of digester output from dry digestion of biowaste and household waste after separation of coarse matters. Here the screw press AM/AMX is especially designed to reach the maximum dryness of pressed cake. In general, the pressure of the screw press is build-up by a conical screw with adapted base heights and special spiral design. The adjustable plug length to adapt to specific stock characteristics is one of the main advantages of this type of AKUPRESS.To obtain that, the screen basket is movable manually (AKUPRESS AM) or hydraulically (AKUPRESS AM-X). Once in operation, the counter pressure is pneumatically adjustable. The drive of the screw press is based on a shaft-mounted gearbox on outlet side and the speed is adjustable through frequency converter.


  • Screw with special spiral design
  • Manual/hydraulical adaptation of plug length
  • Closed hood design
  • Flanged screw shaft
  • Interchangeable screen basket system
  • Optimised wear protection
  • High performance with all types of digester designs

Maximum system performance

The key point is the movable screen basket of the screw press AKUPRESS. Hence with this system the AKUPRESS allows a sensitive adjustment of the dewatering pressure for optimal dewatering results. The AKUPRESS AM is available in different sizes with screw diameters of 400, 625, 800 and 1,000 mm. Generally, AKUPRESS AM has a long service lifetime and easy maintenance. with low operation cost due to an optimised wear part concept.

Secondary dewatering by AKUPRESS BX LS

Where a clean liquid phase and total removal of solids is the aim, the AKUPRESS BX LS screw press for dewatering of finely structured materials is used as a second step. It dewaters AKUPRESS AM press juice by aid of chemical agents (flocculants/precipitants), The ‘X’ identifier represents our special patented torque control system used on all presses of the AKUPRESS BX line. The intergrated sedimentation device is designed to further clean the press water and realized in a screw press for the first time. The pressure of the screw press results from the conical screw with adjusted flight heights. Throttling by hydraulically adjustable screen basket, adjustable plug length, and controlled torque are the main features.

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