Bellmer Separation Technology Micro Filter

Micro Filtration – TurboScreen

The TurboScreen is based on an efficient filtration process without any additives. The micro filter allows to easily separate small solids from liquids:

The process water flows via a special inlet in the filtration chamber, where the process water is being screened through a circulating belt. The solids that remaining on the belt are then conveyed to the top of the machine with the circulation belt and finally dumped to a discharge chute. The filtered process water drains from the filtrate discharge from where it is forwarded to a different downstream process. The special design of the belt allows a high separation efficiency and COD reduction. The stable transport of the belt is supported by a vulcanized toothed belt. Finally the thick matter discharge is carried out by a special scraper without compressed air.


  • Reduction of suspended solids
  • High COD reduction
  • High throughputs
  • Compact, closed design
  • Easy cleaning and handling

Applicable in different fields and industries

Several industries such as the paper industry, municipal industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry and chemical industry use our TurboScreen, especially for micro filter applications like industrial process and waste water treatment. Learn more about diverse application cases for the TurboScreen.

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