Bellmer Sorting Table

The Bellmer sorting table offers an optimal visual control of your process. At this point the sorting table allows the user to observe the quality of the products visually. Accordingly, the user overviews the complete procedure and can quickly sort out bad products or leaves. This process step influences the quality of the end product and the later process steps. Generally, the sorting table for the sorting of the raw material is installed before the crushing process. Moreover, due to food handling, it is made of stainless steel and adapted to hygiene standards.

Besides, the sorting table includes a spraying device to clean the products from impurities with fresh water. Here the spray water quantity is adjustable by manual valves. Also, a synthetic band of the sorting table is equipped with a scraper for easy removal of adherent dirt. Furthermore, it allows the user to adjust the speed of the sorting band. With our know-how and experiences in project planning, we recommend you the right equipment for your application. The Bellmer sorting table is easy to clean and maintain and simplifies your sorting procedure.


  • Visual Control
  • Integration in your existing equipment
  • Hygienically standard
  • Different sizes
  • Stainless steel
  • Sorting procedure simplified

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