BELLMER Separation Technology Belt Thickener

Belt Thickener – TurboDrain

Being the market leader in the field of belt filter technology, the thickening process with the TurboDrain is an optimal solution. We constantly develop the belt thickener with the goal of saving natural resources. The TurboDrain is environmentally friendly, as well as user and cost friendly. The belt thickener displays different advantages during the thickening process, such as easy cleaning and silent operation mode. Furthermore, our patented chicanes are one main reason for our excellent thickening results. Overall, you can reduce the operating costs of your plant with the Bellmer TurboDrain.

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  • Less energy, polymer & spray water consumption
  • No aerosol emissions
  • Easy cleaning and handling
  • Silent operation modus
  • Reduced operating costs

User friendly

Additionally, the users have optimized accessibility for maintenance and cleaning works. On top of that, all the materials have a long lifetime which reduces maintenance efforts for the users. In general, our customers quickly understand the thickening principle of the TurboDrain as it is very user oriented. In case of any questions or concerns, our Service Team is always available for our customers.


Cost friendly

The TurboDrain allows sustainable savings of resources. Thus costs are reduced, too. Keep in mind that annual costs are reduced by polymer, energy and water saving. Taking into account the normal lifetime of a thickener, new investments can be carried out quicker and easier. Do you want to estimate your possible savings? Contact us! We will be delighted to work out your personal calculation and annual savings.


Environmentally friendly

First, sustainable management of natural resources affects everybody. During the thickening process with the TurboDrain less water, energy, and polymers are needed! Let’s support the facts with some numbers:

10 % less energy due to an energy-saving motor with premium energy efficiency class IE 3 and a smaller spray pump.
20 % less polymer due to our innovative nanotech belt and a flow-optimized inlet.
30 % less water due to special shower tube and a reduction of spray water pressure.

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In short, reliable thickening thanks to the optimal machine – TurboDrain
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