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Fruit and Food Industry

High quality equipment is essential for the food production sector. Especially for fruit and vegetable juice careful processing is needed. In today’s world of globalisation, juice manufacturer are confronted with international competition and need to produce high quality products with relatively low margins. Therefore, resources such as fruits or vegetables need maximal juice extraction and yields. Additionally, the fruit extraction needs to be completed with low investment and operating costs. Generally, the Bellmer food processing equipment is more effective compared to other systems. In short, the investment and operation costs are lower and end results are more efficient. As market leader of belt filter presses we also offer the complete equipment accessories ourselves.

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  • Higher yields with six extraction stages
  • Easy cleaning of the machine
  • Reliable system
  • Complete solution
  • High expertise

Process Technology

Bellmer offers a diverse product portfolio for the food processing industry. Already in the 80’s Bellmer introduced the belt press WinklePress for fruit juice extraction, like apple juice.
The WinklePress allows a continuous and smooth operation as well as easy handling and integration in other production processes. With the help of short pressing times, the manufacturer gains high-end products. Besides, we offer our screw press for the food industry. Here the screw press is perfect equipment for dewatering. For instance, the robust screw press is used to produce coconut milk and desiccated coconut fibre.


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Fields of high extraction:

  • Fruit and vegetable juices: apples, berries, pineapples, carrots, coconut…
  • Production of pectin: citrus fruits, apples…
  • Colour industry: spinach, red beets, grape…
  • Pharmaceutical industry: extractions of plants, herbs…
  • Sugar industry
  • Tea production
  • Tabaco industry

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