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Since 1972 Bellmer has experiences in the process of dewatering and thickening of wastewater and sewage sludge. With this long-standing expertise today Bellmer is aware of the different conditions, typical issues and unique requirements of municipal sludge. Over the years Bellmer continuously developed and further improved their products for sewage treatments. Consequently, Bellmer offers a diverse and innovative product portfolio to the customers for satisfying results for their applications. Today, there exist about 3.500 references of the Bellmer products in the municipal industry worldwide. This number clearly underlines the important partnerships with our customers from municipal industry.

Depending on the structure of the sludge Bellmer offers different concepts. We develop and design our product for you! Learn more about our innovative product portfolio:


  • Long standing expertise
  • Production: Made in Germany
  • Unique process technology
  • Innovative solutions
  • Flexible combination of process steps

municipal industry development

Bellmer is aware of the various challenges and global importance of environmental protection. Currently, the installations of municipal wastewater treatment plants are increasing due to growing urbanization. Accordingly, there is a growing demand for energy efficiency in these plants. Bellmer shows an effort to fulfill these demands and serve the customer with our knowledge and high-end product portfolio.


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As Bellmer is active in municipal industry worldwide, every day our team is challenged with different people from different countries. Finally, the satisfaction of our customers is our goal. Therefore, we try to adapt to our customer needs and support them with our knowledge and excellent product quality.


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