Manufacturing is our passion

We know that manufacturing know-how is the key to success regarding a growing focus on reduced project processing time and high-quality standards. That is the reason why we effectively adhere to Germany as our main production site. Bellmer carries out the entire manufacturing and pre-assembly processes of paper and board machines. Generally, spacious assembly halls within proximity to the company ensure enough production capacity. Here, short ways enable us to implement quick and flexible production processes.


Made in Germany and Finland

We believe in Germany as the optimal manufacturing location – with success. Bellmer manufactures nearly all machines in Germany. Furthermore headboxes, pulpers and formers for our paper technology division are produced in Bellmer Vaahto’s competence center in Finland. For the fabrication of all the other products, we use our spacious assembly halls in Germany. We are proud to state the clear majority of the Bellmer product portfolio is “Made in Germany”.

High-Quality Manufacturing

With our professionally trained staff members, modern computers, manufacturing equipment, and CNC- controlled plants Bellmer guarantees a high and constant quality. Additionally, we ensure an economical as well as an efficient manufacturing process for our machines. Consequently, investments in new Bellmer machinery technologies are our customer’s benefits. At this point, supplying high-quality products with reliable delivery is our top priority.

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