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Most people are not aware of how integrated the mining industry is in our daily life’s. For instance, some electronic devices contain about 35 different minerals. Over the years we gained special knowledge about the various requirements of our customers. Therefore, we provide you with optimal concepts for your needs.

In general, the goal of a mining process is the maximal extraction of materials from the earth. During this process, different water amounts arise, like for instance excess water from the mining and tunneling process. Another example is wash water from the mining process which is required for coal mining. Usually, these water amounts are pumped to a process water treatment plant or dewatered with mobile units. After the dewatering process, the cleaned water is lead to a river. For this special case, our Bellmer product portfolio offers various solutions to efficiently dewater the different types of process water. Afterwards, the clean water is recycled and can be reused. Accordingly, Bellmer contributes cooperatively to the purpose of saving natural resources.

Use this valuable benefit. Take a look at our product portfolio:


  • Maximal extraction of materials from earth
  • Flexible dewatering of the different process water
  • High performance and productiviy
  • Adapted for customer concepts

Longstanding experience

Over the years we gained various experience about the right implementation of a mining project. Due to this longstanding knowledge, we provide you with reliable concepts and designs.

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