Hammer mill – BAC

In short, the Bellmer Apple Crusher (BAC) hammer mill is designed to efficiently crush different kinds of fruits such as apples or pomes. Subsequent, the fruit mash needs to be pressed on a belt filter press. Overall, the grinding process of the hammer mill BAC in combination with our Bellmer WinklePress results in high yields.

Especially in industries with high raw material prices like the vegetable processing or pineapple grinding system, the hammer mill BAC has a strong market position. The explanation is simple: our customers achieve higher yields and final dry contents. Important to note: the crushing of the fruit is significant for the degree of turbidity and has an influence on your yield. Thus the juice quality and the economic efficiency of the extraction line depend on the crushing system.


  • Low maintenance and cleaning
  • Smooth operation mode
  • High yields
  • High quality
  • Robust construction

Operation Mode

The BAC hammer mill consists of more than hundreds of kilos of stainless steel to ensure the necessary robustness and is adapted to hygienically food standards. Our hammer mill is easy to handle, clean and maintain. Furthermore, due to plain surfaces on the in and outside the machines and big cleaning shutters, a quick cleaning process is assured. The BAC is almost maintenance-free except lubrication of the bearings. Furthermore, the hammer mill BAC quickly adapts to different screen insert like varying degrees of maturity of the fruits. Lastly, our covers ensure a quiet operation with our high-speed unit.

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