BELLMER Separation Technology Service Mobile Plants

Mobile Pilot Plant

We offer the possibility to test our different machines with your sludge. Consequently, the mobile pilot plant provides you with real results. In addition to the machine, we provide all needed equipment like pumps or tubes as well as a little laboratory to evaluate the dewatering test results. Normally our mobile test unit is one week at the customer plant. There our process technician tries different settings to find the optimal setting for your sludge.

All our different machines are available as a mobile test plant. The mobile pilot plants provide reliable test results for your future decision. Our pilot units correspond to industrial plants on a 1:1 scale. Consequently, the values determined during the test, for instance dry content of the dewatered sludge, can be assured for your real plant. In short, with the help of real test results we determine optimal plant configuration as well as sludge volume tests.


  • Reliable test results
  • Base for a long-term decision
  • Process technician try different settings
  • Flexible set up of mobile plant
  • Optimal plant configuration

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The mobile pilot plant builds an optimal base for a long-term decision about your investment in a new dewatering solution.

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