Environmental protection

Conservation of resources and economical consumption are some of the most important key factors in the field of environmental protection. In the manufacturing industry, of course, consumption cannot be completely avoided. This makes it all the more important here to use resources particularly efficiently. In recent years, corresponding measures have been increasingly implemented.

On the one hand, the company’s infrastructure is continuously being developed and improved. For example, the procurement of a new, more efficient heating system and compressors, as well as the consistent conversion to LED lighting throughout the company, contribute to the optimized energy balance.

In 2022, modern dark radiators with condensing boiler technology were installed in the mechanical production, welding and paint shops of Plant 1 in Niefern. These replace the old register heating fans and contribute to a significant reduction in energy consumption. The investment in a new induction system for roll production also resulted in energy savings in addition to shorter processing times.
In addition, the expansion of Plant 3 in Enzberg was also inaugurated in 2022. A modern PV system with almost 450 modules was installed on the roof of the new hall. This system will produce around 150,000 kWh of electricity and thus supply up to 70% of the electricity previously required.

For us as a company with a very high level of vertical integration, disposal costs also require us to separate all residual materials by type and to return them to material cycles wherever possible. Resource protection and cost reduction go hand in hand in this area. For about a decade now, we have also been reducing the variety of materials we use, for example stainless steel, in order to streamline our processes. Of course, this also makes it easier to separate by type.

In order to also monitor Bellmer’s emissions, Scope 1, Scope 2 and parts of Scope 3 are recorded and internally evaluated in accordance with the guidelines of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. The energy-saving measures have already achieved first positive developments. The option of mobile working in the home office, as well as incentives for climate-friendly employee mobility, have also had a positive impact on the emissions balance. In 2020, greater use was made of digital video conferencing and voting, which led to significant savings in business travel. In the following years, the number of business trips increased again, but digital voting remained an integral part of everyday working life. Among other things, digital factory acceptance tests with the help of mixed reality glasses or service calls and commissioning could be implemented through remote support technologies. This not only saved travel time but also CO2.

Social commitment

Bellmer cares! As a company that has been an integral part of the region for over 180 years, we are committed to our social environment in many ways. From health care, children and youth work to cultural sponsorship, everything is on Bellmer’s agenda.

Local cooperations

The local soccer club FV Niefern 09 benefits from Bellmer’s commitment. More than 100 years of passion for soccer characterize FV 09 Niefern. The club’s special focus is on youth work. More than a dozen teams play here for the club, including girls’ and women’s teams.

A strong team, that Bellmer is happy to support as a main sponsor. Since 2020, the teams have been playing with great success with the Bellmer logo on the jerseys of the Niefern soccer club. The Niefern stadium has also been renamed the “Bellmer Arena” and is used for daily training by young and old.

Of course, the organization of the annual BellmerCup company tournament, including a colorful supporting program for all age groups, will also continue. This tradition has now been in place for over 20 years and has become an integral part of the events in the region.

Education and youth development

Education and youth development are also important concerns for us. In addition to supporting the local elementary and vocational school, sponsoring the local training fair, and providing internships for schoolchildren – children and young people are our future and are close to our hearts.

In a male-dominated industry, we would like to offer girls in particular the opportunity to get a taste of the mechanical engineering industry. For this purpose, Bellmer opens its doors at the Girls Days and encourages the participants to look beyond their own noses and to get excited about technical professions.

Bellmer is an enthusiastic cooperation partner of the project “Wirtschaft (er)leben” with the local Fritz-Erler-economy school. Here we offer students the opportunity to gain interesting insights behind the scenes for 6 weeks at a time. Vacation jobs, internships or company visits also provide the opportunity for career orientation. Even after school, young talents are very important to us. That’s why we are a sponsor of the Deutschlandstipendium 2022/2023 at Karlsruhe University. You will find more information here.

Preserving traditions

Already Ulrich Kollmar, former managing director of the Bellmer company, was always active as a valued sponsor in the Pforzheim area. He initiated fountain donations, local entrance lighting and much more. We are constantly striving to continue the tradition of our previous managing director and take responsibility for the development of our region. Therefore, we also see it as our duty to participate in the preservation of the health of our fellow citizens. In the course of this, the Björn Steiger Foundation installed a lay defibrillator on the outside wall of the Bellmer building, which is now available to first aiders day and night.


Culture creates community, diversity and creativity. Important attributes that Bellmer values and should continue to be promoted in our society. That is why Bellmer supports the sponsoring association of the Kulturhaus Osterfeld, the largest cultural and communication center in the region, with a “Gold + Membership”. Smaller projects, such as the annual church concert in Niefern-Öschelbronn, have also been subsidized by Bellmer for almost 20 years.

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