Dryer Section – TurboDryer

Drying paper efficiently with the TurboDryer drying section is easy. We take care to create paper and board drying sections exactly to the needs of your product.

Our specialists design, customize and manufacture in Finland our drying sections to reduce energy consumption as much as possible. The steam heated TurboDryer cans can be from cast iron or steel. Depending on the speed the best-suited dewatering technology with Turbulence bars, stationary or rotary siphons is chosen. Our concepts range from single tier, double tier up to triple tier designs to suit perfectly for any paper grades to be produced. Modernize existing dryer sections, extend or re-arrange cylinder sections, install turnkey new dryer sections, Bellmer is always your right partner.


  • Custom-tailored drying concepts
  • Sound concepts including steam & condensate,
    TurboStabilizers, hood & air systems and threading
  • Energy efficient design
  • Fine-tuned heat up curves
  • Strong support of Bellmer technology group

Save energy with well thought complete concepts

The experience of more than 175 years of paper machine deliveries allows top performance on any grade. The TurboDryer comes with our reliable threading system either with air or via ropes. The heat up curve can be as fine adjusted as our steam & condensate system will be prepared for you. Getting the most out of your steam is guaranteed when using our high-class air systems with dew points well above 62°C, depending on the application. Our experts from Bellmer air & steam systems (from 2005 into Bellmer group included ex Lang-Hafner team) are your choice to have full solutions from one source. Take the drive task as solved, we use from slip on gears, guide roll drives, gearbox free high torque motors any technology, driving your production further. To give you high efficiency you benefit from our proven threading tools. Expect we take care and provide a complete solution for your drying needs.

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