Reject Plants

In addition to the AKUPRESS A/AS/AX screw presses, we supply further equipment, up to complete turnkey systems for reject handling together with all relevant process control technology, conveying systems, steel construction etc.
Such turnkey plants are designed to the specific requirements of each individual customer:

Coarse reject

In dewatering of pulper reject and coarse screening reject from waste paper stock preparation, the main task is to ensure reliable operation and the highest feasible dry content under the rough conditions with a high percentage of contaminants and large fluctuations of inlet conditions. For customers who  use drum pulpers, and for all AKUPRESS AX applications, a twin-shaft shredder protects the screw press.

However, where RDF (refuse derived fuel) is produced, dryness is not enough. According to customer requirements we use shredders of different types to guarantee defined particle sizes. In addition, ferrous and non-ferrous metal separators are used in order to extract valuable resources and minimize contaminants. The same technology is used for ragger treatment.
The AKUSCREEN screens for junk trap reject complete the product range.

Fine reject

For fine reject from screening and cleaning stages, upstream of the AKUPRESS screw presses we use AKSE F disc thickeners to thicken diluted material before dewatering.
AKUSAND heavy particle separators take out abrasive contaminants from cyclone cleaners.
Also in pulp mills combinations of AKSE F disc thickeners and AKUPRESS AS or AX screw presses are used to dewater knots and shives and other rejects. Special materials and designs are available for protection against corrosive media, even at high temperatures and extreme pH.

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