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We understand recycling as the use and re-use of waste materials for new products.

Just as diverse as the waste materials, e.g. household waste, organic waste, supermarket packaged food, waste paper, agricultural plastic, etc., and their treatment requirements are the resulting new products. These can be biogas, fertilizer, paper, various plastics, fuel, to name but a few.

Bellmer has developed special machines and processes to help shape the ecological and economic implementation.

This creates a cycle in which raw materials are not wasted but recycled, thus protecting nature and the environment.

Use this valuable benefit. Take a look at our product portfolio:


  • Optimal treatment of all kinds of waste
  • Innovative customized product solutions
  • Worldwide experience
  • Production: Made in Germany

Longstanding experience

Over the years we gained various experience about the right implementation of reycling projects. Due to this longstanding knowledge, we provide you with reliable concepts and designs.

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