Specialty Paper

Particularly in the area of specialty paper production, the requirements on paper machines are high and the collaboration with experienced experts is important.

Depending on the type of paper, the challenges are very different. With significant expertise and a fine fingertip feel, we precisely adapt our successful product series to your requirements, starting from the headbox, via press section, via dryer section up to the reeling. The more specific your machine has to be, the more you will feel our enthusiasm in finding the ideal solution just for you.

Paper for banknotes

The production of paper for banknotes and securities presupposes a considerable stock of knowledge and experience.
Bellmer has been working exclusively together with the world leaders Louisenthal for decades. Louisenthal is responsible for sales, plant engineering and know-how, while Bellmer engineers and manufactures the paper machine in detail.

From the planning up to the initial commissioning of banknote paper mills, Louisenthal stands by its partners in the construction of their own production facilities. Based on know-how gained from actual experience, experts analyze the requirements of the customer. They modernize existing plants or set up new plants all around the world. Many countries successfully produce their own banknote paper with facilities from Louisenthal. Louisenthal continues to support its partners even once the project has been completed with reliable documentation, technology transfers and training.

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