The Bellmer TurboCalender is a high-class unit to provide best smoothness, caliper, and bulk on your paper machine. The TurboCalender improves surfaces by calendering on any paper grade from paper, board to specialty paper or non-woven. Our “hard” or “soft nip” calenders are an essential component of the paper machine, influencing factors such as smoothness, gloss and CD thickness.

Bellmer GapCon’s calenders are custom built to meet each customer’s requirements yet using standardized equipment. We help you to chose the right combination of single or multiple nips, hard or soft calenders. In pilot tests, we predict best line load, roll cover and temperature requirements.
With the wide range of our TurboRoll series (classic swimming roll with/without control of edge zones or multi-zone roll) and our heated roll
TurboRoll VT, we chose the right tools to succeed on your targets and budget. Where a TurboRoll MZ roll (multi-zone) type is chosen, the controls can be linked to a QCS system for automatic caliper adjustment in closed-loop operation. In addition to the calender, all necessary auxiliary systems such as hydraulic unit, lubrication system, and heating unit can be supplied. A rope-less tail threading system, vacuum belt type, is available as well.


  • More than 120 units world wide
  • Chose from widest range of function rolls
  • Control line load precisely and repetitive
  • Custom tailored surface improvement concepts
  • Strong support of Bellmer technology group

Smooth as satin

Best printing results you achieve on smooth paper surfaces. The experience of more than 90 TurboCalenders around the world allows top performance on any grade. To fit your specific needs, we discuss and advise accordingly to chose the correct line load, temperature, and roll design. You can trust in excellent expertise and know-how of our team. Our Calenders are designed for single nip positions for significant pre-smoothing or double nip concepts for highest smoothness or gloss. From conventional rolls to piston loaded multi-zone rolls our units will put the right pressure on your Non-Woven, paper, board or specialty paper.

The easy way to decide for a TurboCalender is to award Bellmer with the complete surface treatment package. Secure installation of the Calender with threading and roll management are imminent part of the project. Expect intuitive controls to ensure constant adjustment of the necessary line loads. Anticipate excellent startup and great runnability. Rely on best surface, bulk AND great paper parameters.

Our Further product highlights include user-friendly operation, proven design and quality, and the tilted frame design allowing quicker and simpler roll change in various mills around the world.

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