With our Paper and Separation Technology product areas, we are a pioneer in the bioeconomy


Paper Technology

Bellmer is pioneer of bio economy. We have been manufacturing paper and board machines since 1842. Made of natural fibers, a renewable and fully recyclable raw material, paper plays an important and versatile role in the continuously growing bio economy.

Of course, we understand the importance of minimizing environmental impact during the paper production process. Therefore, Bellmer offers a multitude of sustainable solutions to produce pulp and paper products. Doing this we take care on waste minimizing equipment and on energy-saving e.g. with our efficient air and steam systems.

Material cycles and resource efficiency have long been a topic in Bellmer’s research and development. We consider the entire system and work continuously to reduce the number of components and materials used. Here, too, ecological, and economic considerations are directly intertwined.

Whenever we design new parts, we consider how to optimise them so that they are easier to recycle – or even better – can be repaired with little effort instead of having to be replaced. In this way, we gradually create guidelines for design and material selection that bring us closer to the circular economy. Some of these are small changes: In combination with the right material, decentralised permanent lubrication bushings save a lot of lubricant instead of centralised lubrication. And where components turned or milled from the solid in special machine construction are redesigned in such a way that they no longer have to be completely replaced in the event of damage, but the replacement of an adapter is sufficient, this also contributes to energy and resource efficiency. Our engineering teams have explicit backing for such optimisations. Bellmer has had a master plan for continuous improvement for many years. We take a look at our solutions at regular intervals and discuss what we can improve about them. Sustainability and environmental aspects play an important role in this.

Modellfabrik Papier

“With the Modellfabrik Papier, the paper industry is taking the initiative today to achieve the climate targets of tomorrow.”, is the motto of the Model Paper Factory. Bellmer supports this project as a committed shareholder.

The Modellfabrik Papier focuses on disruptive and fundamentally new approaches in the field of paper production and energy supply. The defossilization of paper production has been set as a primary goal in order to be able to face the future without a guilty conscience. In a consortium of industry, institutes, research and associations, we are endeavoring to research sustainable approaches to solutions and counteract climate change.

Separation Technology

Water is indispensable for sustainable development. Health, hygiene, agriculture and industry are not possible without clean water. That is why the UN declared access to clean water a human right in 2010. The recycling of this life essential resource is of high importance.
Since 1972 Bellmer has been developing, designing and building machines for the separation of liquids and solids, thus contributing to the treatment of clean water. Our machines are used in a wide range of industries. For example, they return water from industry to the water cycle, are used in wastewater treatment plants, dewater the sludge produced during drinking water treatment or are used in recycling and biogas applications. Of course, we also pay attention to the economical use of energy, water and polymers.

Bellmer machines for dewatering and filtration of liquids and solids are designed to save resources permanently.
The unique operating principle of the TurboScreen, for example, is based on pure filtration. This means that no additional chemicals are added. The TurboDrain and the WinklePress both have a horizontal dewatering zone equipped with Bellmer chicanes for efficient pre-dewatering. This makes significant use of gravity, thus saving energy consumption. The TurboDrain in particular requires only minimal drive power compared to other systems.
Bellmer screw presses are used, among other things, to separate and dewater substances in biogas plants. In this way, our machines help to process waste for energy recovery.

Case study ECOR panel production

ECOR Global produces panels sourced from 100% recycled cellulosic / fiber wastes to replace non-recyclable and toxic building materials (particle board, plywood, MDF, etc.) widely used for home building, furniture, furnishings, packaging and commercial retail displays and environments.

In 2021 ECOR and Bellmer designed a new WinklePress type to improve the production capacity for an innovative new process and product. The WPG 2 XF was installed in February 2022 in Venlo, the Netherlands, where it now dewaters recycled cellulose material.

The composite material is a sustainable alloy formed from cellulose fibers, pressure, water and heat. The raw panels can be made from residual materials such as waste paper, cardboard, coffee grounds, hemp, cotton, rice straw or any kind of plant material. ECOR products are 100% bio-based, non-toxic and recyclable. Whether for displays, furniture or for entire exhibition stands ECOR is versatile.

ECOR Global has invested over 12 years into developing the product and manufacturing solutions necessary to produce ECOR Fiber Alloy® materials.  Now they can be manufactured in an array of forms and structural strengths without the need for glues, toxic resins or chemical additives common to traditional building materials.

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