Coesfeld is a small medium-sized town and county located in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia in the western Münsterland region. Excellent acoustics in the concert theater, modern glass art, bike paths with magnificent views, pure recreation with golf or horseback riding, and a tasty beer to top it all off: Coesfeld means quality of life. But Coesfeld also means climate protection!

The town with its 36,000 inhabitants has already achieved much more in terms of environmental protection than Germany has set itself for 2030. With its own wind farm, biogas and photovoltaic plants, the municipality has a renewable energy quota of around 150 percent!!!
Water protection is also a top priority. Since 1999, the pilot project “Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System in Municipal Wastewater Operations”, sponsored by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, has been put into practice.
In order to be prepared for the future, investments were made in a new dewatering and downstream drying plant at the Coesfeld wastewater treatment plant. The energy produced at the wastewater treatment plant is used specifically to reduce the volume of sewage sludge and thus the amount of transport required. The remaining sludge volume is utilized in incineration plants so that the phosphorus enriched in the ash can be used specifically in agricultural fertilization.

The WinklePress WPK 2S contract was awarded due to optimum dewatering. It dewaters up to 14 m³/h of the digested sludge produced. This is then fed into the drying plant through a screw conveyor.
Its high dewatering capacity and low operating and energy costs have also convinced the team at the Coesfeld wastewater treatment plant, and we are pleased to be able to make a further contribution to environmental protection.

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