Separation and Dewatering of waste

Separation and dewatering of suspensions are important process steps when treating waste, by splitting up waste streams in the best way for downstream processes. Our screw presses remove contaminants from source separated organic waste, municipal solid waste or food waste in order to obtain a clean organic liquid that can be fed to a digester. Our screw presses are sturdy and easy to maintain, and we adapt them to the individual application. For food waste, we provide complete treatment systems. Use this expertise for your own benefit.

Take a look at our screw press for separating and dewatering of waste.


  • Separation of organic waste
  • Dewatering of municipal solid waste in percolation processes
  • Unpacking of food waste
  • Pre-treatment of renewable fuels
  • Dewatering of residue derived fuel (RDF)


In wet digestion plants our AKUPRESS AS screw presses are integrated into the pre-treatment system, after size reduction and removal of coarse parts.

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