Screw Press – AKUPRESS AS

AKUPRESS AS is used for the separation of organic and non-organic fraction before the digestion processes. Irrespective of whether organic substances are to be separated from packaging material, from municipal solid waste or from municipal bio-waste, AKUPRESS AS can handle all kind of input and separate the organics into the press juice. In general, the pressure of the screw press is build-up by a conical screw with adapted base heights and special spiral design. Here, the counter pressure is pneumatically adjustable. Also the drive of the screw press is based on a shaft-mounted gearbox on inlet side and the speed is adjustable through frequency converter.


  • Screw with special spiral design
  • Pneumatically adjustable counter pressure
  • Closed hood design
  • Flanged screw on drive side
  • Interchangeable screen basket system
  • Optimised wear protection

Maximum system performance

Generally, Bellmer is the market leader for screw presses. In addition to the individual components we supply a comprehensive range of machinery and equipment. This includes complete turnkey systems together with all relevant process control technology conveying systems and catwalks. The AKUPRESS AS is available in different sizes with screw diameters of 250, 315, 500, 625, 800 mm. AKUPRESS AS has a long service lifetime and easy maintenance. In addition, our screw presses have low energy consumption and operation cost. In short, the screw press shows maximal system performance.

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