water filtration – TurboDrain Recovery

Our white water filtration with the TurboDrain Recovery (TDR) is a necessary equipment for the paper industry. Our filtration unit ensures an optimal cycling process of an efficient and economical white water filtration. In short, the TRD reliefs water cycles of paper mill and cleans the white water II or process water. Due to the high filtration speed, the Bellmer TDR can balance out irregularity in solid concentrations. In addition, the hydraulic load is assured and can be efficiently reached. In short, the belt thickener TDR is essential for the demanding production process of the paper industry. Here the TDR is applicable for different tasks such as separation of impurities (e.g. stickies), recovery of recyclable material (e.g. fibres or fine stock), filtration of white water II (e.g. for shower pipes, splash water) and relief of existing flotation plants.


  • Minimal space requirements
  • Low operating and energy costs
  • No air-intake to the system
  • Fast change of production grades
  • Optimal process stability

Higher productivity with improved paper quality

At the start, the suspension with a dose of flocculent is transported over a circulating belt. Subsequently, separated solids are recovered, recyclable materials are returned to the production process and impurities are removed from the process. Capture rates of > 98 % can be achieved. The clear filtrate is almost solid-free and ready for new purposes, for instance as dilution water or for wire cleaning.

Low investment and operating costs as well as low energy consumption ensures a fast return of investment. The TDR is able to adapt quickly on changes of production grades due to a low buffer volume. Furthermore, the compact design of the TDR enables to easily meet space requirement.

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