We will not come up with the idea to call a cardboard maker a paper maker. The requirements in this field are too specific, own rules apply. Starting from couching individual layers up to high-quality surface pressure the various components or the well-directed interaction of different areas of the machine decide on cost, quality and success.

We are prepared to customize our products to your application. Starting from multi-layer Fourdrinier wire designs via bulk-gentle shoe presses, via one- up to three-row dryer sections up to perfect reeling, we will integrate our product lines into your process, either partly or completely.

For example, we have developed together with one of our customers a specially tailored vat former for the production of core papers. According to our customers’ information, their company group now produces the world’s best core papers with right that tool. Another example: Bellmer produced the world’s first pope reeler TurboReeler for one-side coated folding boxboard with a reeling diameter of 3,500 mm.

We supply our size press TurboSizer in standing or hanging execution, optimally adapted to the requirements of your paper web and its sizing.

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