Bellmer Paper Technology Multi Ply Former

Multi Ply Former section – TurboMulti Former

The Bellmer TurboMulti Former is a first class wet end solution for your board machine. Our specialists design, customize and manufacture in Finland and Germany our TurboMulti Formers for paper, specialty paper, and board forming. The bigger the grade range in grammage the more important becomes the cost-efficient set up of your wire section. Produce flexibly folding boxboard, white line chipboard or coated SBS grades.

The TurboMulti Formers are fine-tuned to the case of application. Our experts adapt the required elements ideally to your range of best formation.


Top former – TurboMulti Former Pro

The experience of various TurboMulti Formers around the world allows high performance on any grade. To fit your specific needs, we discuss and advise accordingly to choose the correct setup. You can trust in excellent expertise and know-how of our team. Anticipate excellent startup and great runability. Rely on top formation AND more production.


  • Wide operation window
  • Combines perfectly with hybrid former
  • Up to five Fourdrinier formers with high-class ceramics
  • Raw material savings due to custom-tailored fiber use
  • Strong support of Bellmer technology group

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