Dandy Rolls and Open Wire Rolls

AKUFORM dandy roll systems are efficient formers to improve the paper quality and are used on Fourdrinier machines to improve sheet formation. In modern paper machines, these systems are nowadays an integral part particularly in the production of decor papers and cigarette papers. The dandy roll diameter is determined according to the production speed. BELLMER supplies dandy rolls with diameters ranging from 800 to 2,000 mm and hence for speeds up to 1,100 m/min.

Additional equipment accessories such as drive, spray tube, steam pipe and trays and covering hoods make the dandy roll body a complete AKUFORM dandy roll system. Both the line-up and design of these components are fundamental features to assure a reliable and safe functioning of the entire system. Each individual component of the machine reflects the expert knowledge, which BELLMER acquired over the past decades.


  • Efficient sheet formation
  • Special solution for water drops
  • Flexible adaption to production speed
  • Long-standing expert knowledge
  • no drop markings from the water splashes
  • no dirtying of cut squirt or press section

The perfect solution to avoid water splashes

Dandy rolls in operation always induce water splashes, i.e. after that the dandy roll is lifted from the fibrous web, differently large drops of backwater and spray water are projected from the surface of the dandy roll body onto the paper web. In extreme cases, drops might even be splashed in front of the dandy roll.

That is why BELLMER KUFFERATH Machinery developed the AKUFORM RX dandy roll system with the water splashes being caught by a special water collecting device so that the paper quality is not impaired.

The water collecting device consists of a water collecting tray and a rubber coated roll catching the water drops at the edge of the tray, leading it to an oscillating doctor.

BKM now exclusively supplies dandy roll systems with a water collecting tray. If your dandy roll does not yet have a water collection system, we are happy to offer this as a retrofit.



Open wire rolls

We also supply individual dandy rolls with with stainless steel or plastic cover as well as robust open wire rolls for paper and board machines.

  • AKUROLL F forming rolls
  • AKUROLL G couch rolls
  • AKUROLL E extractor rolls
  • AKUROLL P press rolls

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