Pond Sizer – TurboSizer

The Bellmer pond sizer TurboSizer is improving strengths of heavy printing paper, specialty papers. Through-sizing for board is another specialty of the rugged pond sizer we produce in Germany for the world market.

Our specialists design, customize and manufacture in Germany our pond sizers for heavy duty service of any paper machine. The TurboSizer meets the requirements of 24h 365d production lines easily without a doubt. The TurboSizer raises strengths properties and can impregnate any fiber mat with chemical additives for different functions.


  • Improves internal strengths of the paper
  • Allows high sizing amounts for best improvement
  • Intuitive and reliable operation
  • Deep penetration of the sizing agent
  • No consumables besides roll covers

Improve your paper strength

The experience of different applications in the last ten years allows top performance on any grade. The TurboSizer overflow funnels are optimized for clean operation. Rely on easy to adjust operation AND great sheet properties.

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