Bellmer Elevator SD

The Bellmer Elevator SD is an important process step of the fruit processing steps. With the help of the elevator SD, all kind of different fruits such as apples, pears or pineapples is efficiently conveyed to the next fruit juice process step. Additionally, the elevator SD in combination with the Bellmer BAC-Grinder and the WinklePress WPX provides an optimally exploited fruit processing line. Our customers are satisfied with our equipment and its results.


  • Applicable to a wide variety of fruits
  • Prevent blockage
  • Less disruption of fruit processing line
  • Optimal design for fruit processing industry

Special features

Important features of the Bellmer Elevator separate us from the competing products. First, an integrated feed hopper is equipped with a removable detritor. Second, the elevator housing is extremely wide to prevent blockage. Additionally, the elevator has overflow protection in the inlet zone. In case of blocking, the fruit feed is automatically stopped and thus prevents the elevator from overfilling. Third, the shaft combined with a screw is welded on both sides to ensure an exceptionally long life and easy cleaning. Fourth, a gear motor can be equipped with a variator or a frequency converter. Last, a distributing device provides an even feed of the fruits on the sorting table. In general, our machine was developed for the fruit processing industry what is especially shown by its optimal functionality and quality.

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