Bellmer Separation Technology Lake and River Sludge Dewatering

Lake-/River Sludge Dewatering

Lake, pond and river sludge dewatering procedure are common dewatering applications. For instance shipping channels are regularly dredged in order to assure seaworthy inland waterways. Afterwards the dredged material needs to be dewatered. For this case, the WinklePress is optimal. We meet the expectations of our customers from dewatering projects with the optimal performance of the WinklePress. Furthermore, the WinklePress operates with great success for the renaturation of lakes in Germany and worldwide.

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  • Lake, pond and river sludge dewatering expertise
  • Optimal performance
  • Flexible adjustment for customer needs
  • Innovative process technology

Worldwide experience

Over the years we gained experience worldwide by the implementation of various river sludge dewatering projects on our customers’ sites. Due to this longstanding knowledge we provide you with reliable concepts and designs.

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