Bellmer Approach Flow

Turbo Approach Flow Systems

The Bellmer approach flow systems ensure efficient fiber treatment with Screens, Refiners, Deflakers and Cleaners from our TurboLine. Our experts have experience of many approach flow systems delivered in the last 20 years. With lowest energy and water consumption we reduce raw material cost while delivering the required end-product quality. The level of automation can range from simple remote controlled solutions to fully integrated complete wet-end systems. Having gained a lot of experience in toughest environment of Egyptian, Indian and Russian paper mills we made our equipment ready to handle and last even in most demanding applications. Our specialists design, customize and manufacture in Czech Republic our products for approach flow systems at highest perfection standards.

No matter if fine paper, standard recycling of fibers or handling wet strength or even Tetrapak liquid packaging board, we supply energy efficient solutions. Bellmer Screens, low, middle and high consistency cleaning systems are designed for low maintenance but great performance. Subject to the case of application, our experts adapt our products ideally to the range of grades to be produced.


Screening and cleaning systems

Any production of paper and board machines rely for best performance on efficient broke handling systems. Our TurboCleaners with sturdy and fluid dynamically optimized design ensure stable process even in varying production rates. Our TurboScreens continuously sort and handle your stock while efficiently removing impurities from your stock.


  • Finest manufacturing precision
  • Long life stainless steel execution
  • Unique detail solutions
  • Proven on toughest environments
  • Energy efficient concepts

Continuously highest runnability and stock quality by customized approach flow systems

For ensuring stable and optimum approach flow performance we use our TurboCleaner and TurboRefiner technology. Cleaning and refining is so easy and energy efficient once we jointly chose the right concept with you and your experts. The experience of numberous approach flow systems in the last 20 years allows first class performance on any grade. Rely on energy efficient approach flow systems AND long lasting equipment.

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