FilmPress – Turbo Film Sizer

The Bellmer TurboFilmSizer is an easy to use unit to provide the best quality for paper sizing or pre-coating on your paper machine. Our specialists design, customize and manufacture in Germany our TurboFilmSizer at highest perfection standards. The Bellmer FilmPress applies any media to improve paper strength. Built for the use of higher consistencies higher speeds and energy savings for drying are part of the success of the unit. The unit is also applying pigment on the paper surface or even coat all kind of grades on any paper machine.

For the widest range of application also a TurboCombiSizer is available. It runs both ways, we call it combisizing. In pond size mode you reach deeper penetration. In film size mode you achieve higher speeds and less energy. Subject to the case of application, our experts adapt the CombiSizer ideally to the range of grades to be produced.


  • Control application precisely and intuitively
  • Great cross distribution
  • Fast and easy change of rods
  • Precise recirculation control
  • High consistency for energy savings
  • Strong support of Bellmer technology group

Filmpress with perfect ease of use

Our experience of various TurboFilmSizer around the world allows top performance on any grade. The Bellmer FilmPress convinces by transferring a thin film of sizing agent or coating color on the applicator rolls. The proven applicator heads with rods ensure constant control of the surface treatment media. Furthermore, the easy and intuitive controls allow single side or double side application with excellent start-up and great runability. Rely on best-controlled application AND great sheet properties.

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