Press Section – TurboPress

We design our press sections with love to detail for best dryness and bulk on your paper machine. Ranging from Tri Nip press, custom-tailored solutions to Tandem press, our solutions with focus on the special requirements of your pulp, paperboard or specialty paper.

Papers are as diverse as is their variety of use. Thus the requirements concerning the press section are diverse, too. We will be pleased to elaborate optimum designs for your paper, with the modern pick-up transfer, via shoe presses, standing or hanging type, to single / or multi-felted compact presses.

Short or no draws at all, mature designs and fast felt changes are the main features of the Bellmer press sections. To be able to create ideal press sections, the shoe press TurboPress was developed. With this wide-nip press, highest dry contents can be achieved, upon simultaneously treating the bulk with care. This tool ensures gentle but very efficient press process resulting in best dry contents upon only slightest strain to the raw paper.


  • More than 200 successful press sections projects world wide
  • Energy saving shoe press
  • Control line load precisely and repetitive
  • Different sizes for paper industry needs
  • Strong support of Bellmer technology group

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