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Bellmer Kufferath is the leader in the field of screw presses. They are specialized for the dewatering of structured residues, fibrous stocks and sludge, digestate and biomass. Due to ten different AKUPRESS lines of screw presses, separators and compactors and up to seven sizes we guarantee an optimum selection of systems. In conclusion, we offer the optimum solution for each application, throughput rate and level of dry content. As a result of the experiences gained from more than 700 AKUPRESS sold and delivered, we have an extraordinary expertise. Therefore Bellmer sets the benchmark where high-end dewatering systems are concerned.

In addition to the individual components, we supply a comprehensive range of machinery and equipment. This includes complete turnkey systems together with all relevant process control technology conveying systems and catwalks.

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Advantages Screw press:

  • Maximal dry contents by special throttling mechanism
  • Low operating and maintenance cost
  • Closed, compact and robust machine
  • Special flanged screw
  • Interchangeable screen basket system
  • Optimized wear protection

Pilot plant for the use of the screw press Akupress

In case you are looking for a new dewatering method, please get in touch with us. By carrying out stock examinations in our lab and maybe running pilot plant trials, we would be prepared to state whether your stock could be dewatered by using a screw press. Our references extend worldwide and can also be found in the most diverse industries and fields of application.

You will also find an impression of our separators and compactors in operation here.

Dewatering systems of high quality and with great service support

Moreover, by producing and assembling in Germany, we can guarantee outstanding quality – for a smooth and reliable operation of your plant!

Our other services also include:

  • Machine/plant commissioning and staff training performed by our own
    experienced Application Engineers
  • Complete on-site assembly and installation with own staff or on-site
    supervision of assembly and installation
  • Maintenance, upkeep and repair works by our own team of highly qualified professionals
  • Stockkeeping and fast delivery of important spare and wear parts

Screw presses as individual components or complete turnkey systems

Below you can find exemplary flow diagrams for the paper industry and the biogas industry. In the paper industry, Akupresses ensure the highest possible dry content for the downstream process stages.

The digestion of all kinds of biomass, such as waste and renewable raw materials, provides the basis for the biogas industry. For the digestion processes, primarily wet or dry digesters are used. Here, we offer innovative solutions for the separation and dewatering of waste and digester output.

In addition to optimized screw presses, for example for plant engineering, we are able to supply a comprehensive range of machinery and equipment including all necessary accessory components. To clarify this, this could be shredders, magnetic separators, flocculant dosing stations, conveyors, supports and catwalks, and all relevant process technology.

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