Screw Press – AKUPRESS AX

With our food industry screw press, we offer special dewatering solutions with maximal system performance, for instance for coconuts, soybeans or tobacco. Our AKUPRESS AX ensures with its movable screen basket highest operational safety, easy cleaning and constant dry contents. A continuous and automatic modification of the press zone length allows to adapt to the different stock characteristics. Here we build on the experiences gained from more than 700 AKUPRESS screw presses sold and delivered. In addition to the individual components, we supply a comprehensive range of machinery and equipment. This includes complete turnkey systems together with all relevant process control technology conveying systems and catwalks.


  • Complete automatic emptying of the press
  • Constant torque independent of throughput
  • Patented control system
  • Interchangeable screen basket
  • Maximal dry contents

High Performance

The key point is the movable screen basket of the screw press AKUPRESS AX. Hence with this system, we are able to reach dry contents of approx. 30 – 50 % TS. Additionally, we assure high operating safety through our fully automatic plant system. Furthermore, the screw press AX is available in five different sizes with screw diameters ranging from 250 to 1,000 mm. The machine has a long service lifetime and easy maintenance due to armored screw spiral, flanged screw or split screen baskets. In addition, our screw presses have low energy consumption and operation cost. In short, the screw press AX shows maximal system performance.

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