Threading systems – TurboFeeder

Threading systems have a decisive influence on the efficiency of paper machines. With Bellmer threading systems just became easy. We are well prepared to select and realize for you the right components from a complete modular product range exactly to the needs of your product

Depending on the speed and the Grammage range of your products we chose the best-suited technology for threading your paper and board machine. Bellmer threading systems use from the classical rope guiding elements – such as rope pulleys, rope drive, and rope tensioners, vacuum assisted tail shooters up to pneumatic ropeless transfer systems. Furthermore, we have developed adequate stabilizers for faster paper and board productions. Modernize existing dryer sections, extend or re-arrange cylinder sections, install turnkey new dryer sections, Bellmer is always your right partner for feeding the paper up to the reel.


  • Custom-tailored threading concepts
  • Sound concepts including vacuum-assisted shooters, rope systems and ropeless threading solutions
  • Reliable repetitive feeding systems
  • High-quality components
  • Strong support of Bellmer technology group

From classical tail threading to ropeless threading

The experience of more than 175 years of paper machine deliveries allows top performance on any grade. The TurboDryer comes with our reliable threading system either with air or via ropes. Getting the most out of your steam is guaranteed when using our high-class TurboFeeder. Adjustable vacuum level ensures efficient threading. Consider the threading task solved, we use our state of the art products to give you great efficiency on feeding.
Expect we take care and provide a complete solution for your threading needs.

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