Bellmer Ibérica – Spain

In 2010, Bellmer founded Bellmer Ibérica, Spain, to better serve the customers in Spain and South America. Our Spanish paper technology specialists work in three different locations: Urnieta (Tolosa), Valladolid and Bilbao.
In addition to sales, design, automation, project management, and service for products of Paper Technology, we have experienced service and assembly specialists at every branch. In Urnieta, we also have a service and assembly hall. Thanks to our experienced staff, we can ensure quick and reliable support to our Spanish customers. Furthermore, the team also serve our customers in South America. The manufacturing takes place in the respective manufacturing sites in Germany or Finland.

Center of competences

Paper Technology
– Film Sizer
– Air Systems for Spain, Portugal, France and South America
– Vacuum tranfer rolls


– Service Centre for our customers from Spain and Portugal
– Small rebuilds for our customers from Spain and Portugal


At Bellmer Ibérica Machinery we have always been involved in the search of solutions that drive innovation in the products we offer to our customers.
In our quest to achieve excellence and progress, we have the support of the HAZITEK Program.

Project ZL-2023/00276 – ECOJABWL
Water recovery system for sewage sludge produced in pulp and paper production industry

Project ZL-2023/00276 – ECOJABWL
Optimization of energy consumption in pulp and paper production machine drying sections

These grants enhance our R&D capacity, and we continue to be at the forefront of innovation

Visit us and we organize a guided tour of our different production sites.

Branch 1: Bellmer Ibérica Machinery, S.L.U
Calle del Metano, 34, 47012 Valladolid, Spain
Phone: +34 983 217425

Branch 2: Bellmer Ibérica Machinery, S.L.U
Pol. Industrial Erratzu, 438 A, 20130 Urnieta (Guipúzcoa), Spain
Phone: +34 943 694718

Branch 3: Bellmer Ibérica Air Systems
Pol industrial Arbuio pabellón 5 y 6, 48810 Alonsotegi (Bizkaia), Spain
Phone: +34 94 615 6102