Paper Industry

Our company roots come from 1842 as of the paper industry. Consequently, we are specialists in this field. Typical challenges of a paper manufacturing process are our daily business. We exactly know our customers’ requirements and difficulties. A production shutdown is costly and needs to be avoided. Therefore we only deliver best quality machines, to assure a smooth, continuous operation process. In short, Bellmer is one of the main market leader in this industry. Today there exist more than 500 paper production plants with Bellmer equipment. This clearly underlines the high expertise of Bellmer in the paper industry field. We set qualilty standards with our constant improvements and innovations.

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  • Roots from the paper industry
  • Long-standing expertise
  • Custom made solutions
  • Reliable high end products
  • Diverse and innovative product portfolio

Paper industry development

In short, the paper production has been growing over the last years. Nowadays with an increasing online sales volume, a lot of packaging material is needed. Therefore, the paper manufacturing process is on the rise. In this case, Bellmer supports the paper industry customers with resource efficient solutions and innovations. For us, it is important to always meet our special customer needs like for instance the need to save energy costs and raw materials. We are eager to continue to satisfy our customers for the next decades.


Custom made solutions

As you can see, we offer various solutions for the paper industry. For instance, the TurboDrain Recovery provides an optimal recycling process through our efficient white water filtration. We aim to shorten the water cycles as well as the reduction of production cost or sludge removal.


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