BELLMER Paper Technology Pulper

Pulper – TurboPulper

The Bellmer Pulper TurboPulper is an easy to use unit to provide the best efficiency for dissolving paper and board on your paper machine. The TurboPulper dissolves any paper grade from Pulp, paper, board, specialty paper, wet broke to dry broke. The strong and reliable Pulpers can handle coated paper or wet strength additives. Our specialists design, customize and manufacture in Finland our TurboPulper concepts. Subject to the case of application, our experts adapt the Pulper ideally to your range of grades to be dissolved.


  • More than 400 units worldwide installed
  • Energy saving pulper vat design
  • Control application precisely and intuitively
  • Heavy duty execution for paper industry needs
  • Strong support of Bellmer technology group

And it pulps and pulps and pulps…

The experience of more than 400 TurboPulper around the world allows top performance on any grade. To minimize energy losses, we carefully calculate the required volumes. You can trust in excellent expertise and know-how of our team.

The easy way to decide for a TurboPulper is to award Bellmer with the complete package. Secure installation of the Pulper with chutes and water management are imminent part of the project. Expect intuitive controls to ensure constant adjustment of the dissolved media. Anticipate excellent startup and great runability. Rely on best-controlled application AND great energy efficiency.

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